Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Franko Xavier

Franko Xavier - Same Odeon SMOFB-3845 (1974)

Here's a gem. A high calibre funky samba soul LP you shouldn't be without...

1) Eu Sou Marinheiro
2) Di Bambue
3) Nana
4) Maria, Mariazinha
5) Linda
6) O Chamante
7) Antes Pouco Que Nenhum
8) Mane Joao
9) Somos Todos Irmaos
10) Canto Sul
11) Chuva Miuda
12) Tema Do Amor Amado


Quimsy said...

Esamatti said...

Thanks a lot! Great albom!

Max said...

This album is one reason why I have gotten hooked lately on downloading LPs. I am amazed at the vast quantity of great music out there that if not for websites like this, would never make it to my eardrums. Thanks for your efforts.

Dave said...

Are there any other albums by Franko Xavier? This one is fantastic. I can't seem to find any other info on him on the web.

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a classmate of mine has music by Franko Xavier because she says he is very sensible. I agree because his voice sounds very soft

viagra online said...

Franco Xavier is the master of Funk Samba! there's no doubt about it! please bring more records like this one in your blog!