Monday, January 29, 2007

O Grupo

O Grupo - O Grupo Odeon MOFB-3533 (1968)

Here's the rare debut album by O Grupo featuring a young Jayme Além of 'Jayme & Nair' fame. Truly gorgeous harmonising by this vocal quartet and a beautiful listen all the way through.

Stellar production talent in the form of Antonio Adolfo, Nelsinho & Ugo Marotta lend this recording some real class.

1) Alegria De Carnaval
2) Januaria
3) Passa Por Mim
4) Pelas Ruas Do Recife
5) Rosa Branca
6) O Bonde
7) Sa Marina
8) Eu E A Brisa
9) Morrer De Amor
10) Travessia
11) Diane
12) Maria, Carnaval E Cinzas

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

OK - until further notice I'm ditching the radio folks!

A more user friendly version is in the pipeline & will be incorporated into the new site at some point in the near future.

McGill Clan

McGill Clan - McGill Clan Orfeo 90526 (Uruguay) (1969)

No! Not some kilted Highland bagpipe troop but the exotic, psychedelic, Uruguayan jazz combo. This great LP is stuffed with fresh sounding cover versions and original arrangements, featurings the most obscure, groovy (and funky!) cover version of I'M A MAN (aka SOY UN HOMBRE). This particular psychedelic hammond version is propelled by funky bongos bashing away in the background with a lightly twisted, latin arrangement!

Lots of funky hammond and drums, acid guitar licks and fender bass riffs and superb groovy jazz with breakbeat drumming in the shape of DAYDREAM. The wicked fender basslines of AQUARIUS / LET THE SUNSHINE IN mashed together with lots of tempo changes, breakdowns and moody, funky rhythms. Groovy jazz instrumental PALMITOS CON SALSA GOLF (ultra-catchy psych organ, jazzy horns, funky drums, guitar, piano and bongos!) and the jazzy psycho-beat sounds of PROVISORIO SOUL. Oh, and they do a jazzed-up, groovy Mod sounding version of UP, UP AND AWAY aka ARRIBA, ARRIBA Y ADELANTE!

A real monster!

1) Acuario - Deja Que Entre El Rayo De Sol
2) Tu Me Fascinas
3) Soy Un Hombre
4) Cosas Amorosas
5) Provisorio Soul
6) La Feria De Scarborough
7) Ensueño
8) Arriba Arriba Y Adelante
9) Palmitos Con Salsa Golf
10) Camino De Moras
11) Buenas Noches Alejandro

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

88 Keys And A Girl

Reg Wilson - 88 Keys And A Girl United Artists UAS-6692 (1968)

Reg Wilson moves in many directions, but the music always comes out in good taste. I like his originals. Another big asset here, I feel , is the voice of Corinna Manetto, a girl who is obviously a good musician. In the past, I have frequently indulged a taste for wordless vocalizing when capable voices have been avaliable to me, & I really appreciate the way Manetto anticipates the flow of music. Background or foreground , under or over , Reg Wilson's music comes off. I like it...note by Duke Ellington.

Not enough Reg's for me in the lexicon of groove, save Tilsley & Guest! Here's a classy little rarity I'm sure will be appreciated.

1) Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair
2) 888
3) To Make It Right
4) Hushabye Mountain
5) Sylvia's Theme
6) At Home With Holmes
7) Knowing When To Leave
8) Tony's Theme
9) Sunny

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Greg Alper

Greg Alper Band - Fat Doggie Adelphi AD-5009 (1978)

A happy & healthy 2007 to you all. Have been a little quiet on the posting front but am remedying that with this prize peice of groovy jazziness.

This is a quirky but strong album full of surprises. Heaven knows why it isn't more sought after considering the pedigree of the musicians and the quality of the tunes.

A very mixed bag this - a couple of opening dancefloor stompers give way to a handful of blisteringly tight & catchy jazz nuggets that you'll find yourself playing over & over again whilst uttering "why have I never heard of this LP?" It's this second half of the album that does it for me.

Along with Alper on saxes & flute, credits go to Rich Oppenheim (as) Ray Anderson (tb,vo) Al Clark (perc,vo) Richie Morales (ds) Ernie Provencher (b) Al Scott (b) Chuck Loeb (g) Steve Gutman (tp) Debbie & Olive Pointer, Jean Shaw (bg-vo).

1) Hole In Your Pocket
2) Fat Doggie
3) Give It Up
4) Huevos Nuevos
5) Cantaña Baratta
6) Suite For Renee
7) Five Verses For
8) Don't Ever Let Me Catch You