Monday, April 14, 2008


Ambiance - Ebun DaMon DMRS-365 (1979)

Ambiance was a little known jazz fusion group out of Los Angeles who recorded on the small independent DaMon label. Their style incorporates Brazilian and Latin flavours with a righteous and soulful afrocentric jazz edge. Members include Daoud (Alto Sax, lute, Shekere, Flexitone, Agogo, Soprano Sax, etc..), Bob Selvin (Keyboards), Peter Lainson (Guitar, Tambourine), Paul Olguin (Bass), John Delatore (Drums), Sarah Flynn (Vocals) and Elisa Jones (Vocals).

I was prompted to remember this LP after seeing the compilation shared over at - I think you'll agree this album is as strong in depth as that compilation - a solid listen right through without one weak track. A great record and one that deserves more than to languish in obscurity...

1) Bossa Monife
2) After June
3) Camouflage
4) O.F.C.
5) Ebun
6) Turnaround
7) Last Tango

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Flight To Rio

Os 3 Do Rio - A Flight To Rio Guilde Internationale Du Disques/Concert Hall SVS-2431-2431 (1966)

Time for some carnival rhythms!! Hip male harmonising drenched in samba and bossa beats. Both the French and German cover art is included for the completists.

1) A Voz Do Morro
2) A-B-C (Ragg Mopp)
3) Batida Diferente
4) Batucada
5) Estrada Do Sol
6) Fechei A Porta
7) Folha Morta
8) General Da Banda
9) Menino Jogando Bola
10) Minha Saudade
11) Mulata Ye-Ye
12) Peidrita Del Mar
13) Pita Camion
14) So Meu Coracao