Thursday, April 27, 2006


Trio Irakitan - Os Sambas Que Gostamos De Cantar Odeon MOFB-3010 (1964)

The original vocal set of Gilvan, João, Toni, Edinho, Odilon & Irakitan Brito aren't my favorite group by any means, concentrating on sedate bolero sambas and mariachi-style folk songs for the majority of their early years. However, syrupy romantic stylings aside, this LP is a true winner. Ultra-tight vocalese renditions of hits of the day with a crack backing section culminating in a handful of groovy & totally swinging tunes I'm sure you'll really dig! Their 'Moca' and 'Samba De Duas Notas' particularly memorable in my opinion.

1) Amor No Samba
2) Moca
3) Chorou, Chorou
4) So Danco O Samba
5) Estrada Do Sol
6) Garota De Ipanema
7) Amor A 120
8) Voce
9) Nao Fique Triste
10) O Barquinho
11) Samba De Duas Notas
12) Menina Flor

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Temas Brasileños

Tete Montoliu - Temas Brasileños Ensayo ENY-303 (1974)

The outstanding Catalan jazz pianist, whose real name was Vicenç Montoliu i Massana was born blind in the Eixample district of Barcelona, and died in the same city. He was the only son of Vicenç Montoliu (a professional musician) and Àngela Massana, a jazz enthusiast, who encouraged her son to study piano and in 1944 engaged his piano teacher, Petri Palou. Before that, Montoliu had his first piano lessons with Enric Mas at the private school for blind children that he attended from 1939-1944 where he learned to read music in Braille.
From 1946 till 1953 he studied music at the Conservatori Superior de Música de Barcelona, where he met his first jam session fellows. Don Byas arrived in Barcelona in 1947 and introduced Tete to the Bebop style.

On March 13, 1956 he met the vibraphonist Lionel Hampton in a jam session in Barcelona. Montoliu toured with Hampton through Spain and France, had his first session as a leader in 1958 , and played with the touring Roland Kirk in 1963. Through the years, he also worked with such visiting Americans as Kenny Dorham, Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Lucky Thompson, and even Anthony Braxton.

On this LP, recorded in November 1973, of Brasilian themes he is joined by Alberto Moraleda on bass, Miguel Ángel Lizandra on drums and Pedro Díaz on percussion.

1) Generique-Manhã De Carnaval-Samba De Orfeu (From 'Black Orpheus')
2) Girl From Ipanema-Corcovado-Samba De Uma Nota So
3) Mulher Rendeira (Theme From 'O Canganceiro')-Bahía-Brasil
4) Canto De Ossanha-Ola-So Danço Samba
5) Desafinado-Meditaçao-Tristeza

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dancing Party

Various Artists - Dancing Party Odeon SMOBQ 9013 (Italy)

Here's an Italian library LP notable for some dreamy bossas in particular by Angel Pocho Gatti, who I have a soft spot for. No date given on the record but sounding like a late sixties/early seventies release.

Some premiere league Italian jazzmen are featured on this one playing a varied partly orchestral & beaty selection of tunes. Perhaps some more library LPs will be featured in the future should there be a demand.

1) Franck Pourcel - Je Reviens Te Chercher
2) N. Romano - Drums Blues
3) A. Pocho Gatti - Sentimental Bossa
4) Enrico Intra - Blues Per Noi (pt.1)
5) Pino Calvi - Tango For Brass
6) B. Pisano - For Scarlet
7) A. Pocho Gatti - Non Sei Mariu' Stasera
8) B. Pisano - Blue Ice
9) Pino Calvi - Blues For Brass
10) N. Romano - Blue Sunday
11) A. Pocho Gatti - Beautiful Day
12) Enrico Intra - Blues Per Noi (pt.2)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Come To Brasil...

Roberto Avila & Cachoeiras - Come To Brasil Plainis Phare CH-1267 (Swi) (1987)

Sorry for the the late update, I have just returned from Barcelona and am now renewed and ready for some special Easter shares.

Blogger has just wiped my not too inconsiderable introduction to this album and I don't really have the inclination at this time to repeat myself.

Don't let the year put you off with this one, it's a timeless classic and a real favorite I never tire of hearing. Guitarist and cavaquinho player Roberto Avila produces this sublime effort and whilst the title track & opener is a little commercial and probably the album's weakest tune the rest of it is an inspired listen and boasts some tremendously funky and jazzy tunes oozing grooviness and top class musicianship.

Swiss based Brasilian band Cachoeiras comprise Roger Blavia on percussion, drums & backing vocals, Ademir Candido on guitar, Eduardo "Dudu" Penz on superb form on electric bass, Paulo Menezes on percussion, Julinho Martins on keyboards, percussion & vocals, Marcelinho Martins on alto sax and female backing by Peggy Chew, Jackie Leite & Faffy Martins.

And who's that on flugelhorn? None other than Freddie Hubbard adding punctuation to a hitherto unknown but significant chapter in the history of Brasilian music. Who said music from the late eighties can't be groovy? No sir, not me...

1) Come To Brasil
2) Chorinho Prus Veio
3) Arara Sirio
4) Maybe You Know
5) Perto De Casa
6) Boca Do Mato
7) Samba Na Moita
8) Malvada
9) Baiao 171
10) Faffy Fofa

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Quinteplus - Quinteplus EMI S-10055 (1972)

More jazz from Buenos Aires this time and a killer batch of funky instrumentals from Quinteplus. Drum beats, fat strident basslines awash with warm fender rhodes and tight horns. There's all-round virtuosity on this rare Argentine set that rewards the listener with repeated listening.

Joining tenor sax superstar Jorge Anders are Carlos "Pocho" Lapouble on drums, Santiago Giacobbe on electric piano, Gustavo Bergalli on trumpet and Jorge González on electric & contrabass.

1) Loberman, El Hombre Lobo
2) Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
3) Blackman, El Justiciero
4) El Marques 1° Parte-2° Parte-3° Parte
5) El Pasito De Nano
6) Zamba De Mis Pagos
7) La Vuelta Del Elefantor
8) Oda A Billy Joe