Sunday, April 02, 2006


Quinteplus - Quinteplus EMI S-10055 (1972)

More jazz from Buenos Aires this time and a killer batch of funky instrumentals from Quinteplus. Drum beats, fat strident basslines awash with warm fender rhodes and tight horns. There's all-round virtuosity on this rare Argentine set that rewards the listener with repeated listening.

Joining tenor sax superstar Jorge Anders are Carlos "Pocho" Lapouble on drums, Santiago Giacobbe on electric piano, Gustavo Bergalli on trumpet and Jorge González on electric & contrabass.

1) Loberman, El Hombre Lobo
2) Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
3) Blackman, El Justiciero
4) El Marques 1° Parte-2° Parte-3° Parte
5) El Pasito De Nano
6) Zamba De Mis Pagos
7) La Vuelta Del Elefantor
8) Oda A Billy Joe


djcaique said...

one of best records that I listened in my life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! How unfortunate they only did this one lp.

Quimsy said...

thx for your comments -actually they recorded a live LP "En Vivo Teatro Santa Maria Del Buen Ayre" in '72. May post this in the future.

mvcosta said...

Great record. I didn't know them and it's already in my best list.
By the way, would you happen to have Candeias album. I've been looking for this over and over...

Anonymous said...

Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP

Anonymous said...

PLEASE !!!! Can you add it again, the link doesn't work !!??

You'll be the greatest man on earth!


paulo said...

yeah man, pleeease! make everyone happy!

odetta said...

i'd like to hear this. any chance of a re-up?

cjazzcaptain said...



Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait, I bought the CD

a mind with no ceiling said...

It seems to be thanks to you that it has been posted back on myfavsound... so thanks once again, it's an outstanding record!!

viagra said...

despite the horrid cover this is a big deal : quinteplus did a great job with this gorgeous album, a true piece of collection, thank you.

Gildas said...

I guess no re-up because this LP has been re-issued in a nice double pack, still available right now. The set contains the only studio album they ever released (in 1972) and a great bonus: half of live at a gig in Buenos Aires from the same year "En vivo en el Teatro Santa María del Buen Ayre", unreleased until 2007 thanks to Vampi Soul

Though Vampi Soul did not made the full live gig available to his customers. Therefore I am allowed to point out this : comes from an old tape so not clear enough)

I added full details on discogs