Friday, April 17, 2009

Vocal Ease

B.J. Ward - Vocal Ease Catfish 5C 062-24323 (1974)

Solo outing from Ms. Ward of 'Inner Dialogue' fame. A melange of jazzy, funky soft-rock musings out of Holland, highly sought after and fetching crazy money for an original - I'll let you believe the hype or otherwise. That said, what we do have are some groovy, upbeat covers of the likes of Neil Young, Tom Jones, Gerry Rafferty, The Beach Boys & Rachmaninov! along side groovy originals and lushly arranged jazzy ballads. All odd but it works very well.

The Dutch band feature Henny Kluvers - Flute, Frank van Luin - Bass Trombone, Richard Pullin - Trombone, Carl Schultze - Vibes, Donn Trenner - Piano & Organ, Thijmen Hoolwerf - Guitar, Frank Noya - Bass, Eric Ineke & Cor van den Berg - Drums, George Souto - Percussion with a string section comprising Sem Nijveen, Bennie Behr, Lex Cachet, Lucien Grignard, Ronald Kok, Guus Valten, G. Gerritsen & Carlo Carcassoia.

1) Vocalise
2) Keep It To Yourself
3) Earth Child - Moon Child
4) Here We Are
5) The Loner
6) Try To Remember
7) That's How The World Is Made
8) The Music Of Love
9) Billy's Blues
10) I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
11) Words On Words
12) I Don't Know Where I'm Going