Thursday, April 27, 2006


Trio Irakitan - Os Sambas Que Gostamos De Cantar Odeon MOFB-3010 (1964)

The original vocal set of Gilvan, João, Toni, Edinho, Odilon & Irakitan Brito aren't my favorite group by any means, concentrating on sedate bolero sambas and mariachi-style folk songs for the majority of their early years. However, syrupy romantic stylings aside, this LP is a true winner. Ultra-tight vocalese renditions of hits of the day with a crack backing section culminating in a handful of groovy & totally swinging tunes I'm sure you'll really dig! Their 'Moca' and 'Samba De Duas Notas' particularly memorable in my opinion.

1) Amor No Samba
2) Moca
3) Chorou, Chorou
4) So Danco O Samba
5) Estrada Do Sol
6) Garota De Ipanema
7) Amor A 120
8) Voce
9) Nao Fique Triste
10) O Barquinho
11) Samba De Duas Notas
12) Menina Flor


bossanovadreamer said...

So nice!!!
Thank you so much. I never was interested so much in this group in reason of this you told about their earlier albums,but this album is really a winner- pure bossa in jazzy style- Great!!!
I will post 1 or 2 "new" bossa albums soon...


Frank-Oliver said...


is this the album "O Samba Que
gostamos de Cantar" MOFB-3010 (Look to the Cover you posted) or
"A Bossa que gostamos de Cantar"

"A Bossa..." has a Different Cover in the Book by Charles Gavin and Caetano Rodriguez.

Thank you,

Frank Oliver from Germany

Quimsy said...

Hi Frank

thx for pointing this out. The LP cover is correct but my title "A Bossa....etc" was incorrect, I have now ammended the title. I think "A Bossa Que Gostamos de Cantar" MOFB 3387 is the same album but reissued by Odeon with
the later cat.# (the track listing is identical).

To clarify, "Os Sambas Que Gostamos De Cantar" is MOFB-3010 & "A Bossa Que Gostamos de Cantar" is MOFB-3387.

To add further confusion, neither are "Outros Sambas Que Gostamos De Cantar" MOFB-3075 which was the follow up to the original MOFB-3010 LP.

Make sense?

Frank-Oliver said...

I made my research too. "Os Sambas..." is from 1957 with a different tracklist, "A Bossa..."
is from 1963. You can see both albums with the correct covers here:
or at

Frank Oliver

Quimsy said...


I'm not sure which "Os Sambas" LP you are referring but see my previous message. The LP I posted is from 1964 & clearly of a mid 60s vintage not 1957!

Good luck

Marco Antonio Russi said...

I don't know were you found those names.
Irakitan is the original name of the trio. Was formed by Edinho (first voi-
ce and guitar), joãozinho(second voice
and "afochê") and Gilvan (The third voice and "atabaque"). Another thing: the cover is not that! Do not belong to the tracks you posted. Those are the tracks of the LP"A BOSSA QUE GOSTAMOS DE CANTAR" (1964).
"Os Sambas que Gostamos de Cantar"
was recorded en 1961. I send you and e-mail with the right cover (I have
both LPs), but seems that you do not
want to correct your mistake...Or
you do not read your e-mails...

Marco Antonio

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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