Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rodolfo Alchourron

Rodolfo Alchourron - Sanata Y Clarificación Vol. 2 Prodisa 47005 (Arg) (1974)

Rodolfo Alchourron - composer, arranger, director and guitarist has built an enviable reputation in many areas including television, cinema and theatre as well as many sought after studio and concert recordings.

After having received notoriety with 'classic' compositional prizes he turned toward more popular music styles and attracted by the jazz he learned as an adolescent was instrumental in the formation of diverse trios & big bands in the sixties.

Between 1970 and 1974 his "Sanata Y Clarificación" emerged as the evolution of jazz-rock began to take hold. As a result of frequent incursions into his own tango and folk roots, and the increasing interest in those forms, Alchourron began replacing the wind instruments in his group with bandoneón and built a repertoire that was strongly influenced by elements of Argentine music.

In New York between 1978 and 1989, with "Southern Exposure", he composed numerous songs and instrumental pieces, combining in all of them elements of jazz and South American music.

This superb and collectible LP boasts many of his leading contemporaries including Ruben Barbieri, Bernardo Baraj, Chachi Ferreyra, Mario Tenreyro, Adalberto Cevasco, Osvaldo Lopez, Gustavo Beitelman, Raul Parentella and not forgetting Argentinean legend Litto Nebbia.

Jazzy, groovy, sinewy funky fusion grooves combine to create another lost classic, one that I humbly attempt to resurrect for you here.

1) Algunos Dias, Algunas Noches
2) No Se, No Se, Preguntare Para Saber
3) Vals Turnco
4) Esas Dos Cosas Benditas
5) Casi Un Tango
6) Cuzco Sucio y Molesto, Largo De Aqui
7) Vals En La Muy Sostenido


NB. Please ammend the running order of the titles in the zip file - I mistakenly numbered them in alpha order when they should read as above.


Tex said...

Not a single comment yet.. what a shame.

Thank you very much for introducing this fine artist to me.
The LP really is great.. appreciate that mix of styles a lot.
Very groovy, jazzy.. at times almost a bit free..

Cheers, Tex

per said...

I get a 'file not found' message when I use the link. Looks like a promising album.

Anonymous said...