Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dancing Party

Various Artists - Dancing Party Odeon SMOBQ 9013 (Italy)

Here's an Italian library LP notable for some dreamy bossas in particular by Angel Pocho Gatti, who I have a soft spot for. No date given on the record but sounding like a late sixties/early seventies release.

Some premiere league Italian jazzmen are featured on this one playing a varied partly orchestral & beaty selection of tunes. Perhaps some more library LPs will be featured in the future should there be a demand.

1) Franck Pourcel - Je Reviens Te Chercher
2) N. Romano - Drums Blues
3) A. Pocho Gatti - Sentimental Bossa
4) Enrico Intra - Blues Per Noi (pt.1)
5) Pino Calvi - Tango For Brass
6) B. Pisano - For Scarlet
7) A. Pocho Gatti - Non Sei Mariu' Stasera
8) B. Pisano - Blue Ice
9) Pino Calvi - Blues For Brass
10) N. Romano - Blue Sunday
11) A. Pocho Gatti - Beautiful Day
12) Enrico Intra - Blues Per Noi (pt.2)


fauxteur said...
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fauxteur said...

thanks quimsy,
i like-a the italian library

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