Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I launch this blog Quimsy's Mumbo Jumbo, God bless her and all who sail in her!

Gay Vaquer - The Morning of the Musicians RCA Victor (Brazil) 103.0059 (1972)

Personnel: Gay Vaquer (acoustic + electric guitars); Jane Vaquer (vocals); Luiz Eca (acoustic + electric keyboards); Paulo Moura (soprano and alto sax, flute); Novelli (amplified acoustic bass); Everaldo Ferreira and Bill French (drums, percussion)

1) 5:20

For this inaugural
voyage into musical mumbo jumbo why not try this Brasilian classic!

Brasilian music is my first love and this sort of LP goes a long way in explaining why, although I will not limit myself to posting music from this one genre.

Guitarist Gay Anthony Vaquer assembles an all-star line up of musicians for this breezy soft fusion tour de force. His then wife Jane (now known to many as Jane Duboc) can be heard on vocals.

Sweet and sublime one moment, progressive and funky the next - I hope you enjoy this little offering.

Files are encoded @ 192Kbps.


Stick around, more to follow...


space debris said...

YES ! let me be the first to welcome you in the blogger community, my friend !
I have this place firmly bookmarked as a favorite already - your reputation is a guarantee for the brilliance that is promised here.


Anonymous said...

I will put you in my "favorites" bookmark folder!!!

I look forward to many fine Brazillian treats. There are too few available to those of us out in the boonies!

thanks again

Anonymous said...

I DJ a Brazilian show at a college radio station. God bless you and all the work you do.


PS said...

Fantastico ...more please

Agent Double -O- Soul said...

thanks you, very good vibes

jvaquer said...

Gay Vaquer The Morning of the Musicians is an important musical document forgotten by the mainstream. It unites some of the biggest names in Brazilian jazz and thanks to you, is now resurfaced and immortalized.

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Miss F said...

what a stunningLy g0rgeous alBum....many many thaNks to y0u!!!!!!!!

l0ve it to pieCes~

awakening in absoLute elsewhere,

Rod said...

Hi there! Nice blog! Can you re-post this? THe link is dead. Thank you!

ScoreBaby said...

I'd love to hear this if you can re-load it.

Also, what's the track that plays on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great blog. You've posted some fantastic music on your site.

The Gay Vaquer album is no longer available. Is it possible that you could upload it again?

Thanks either way. And thanks again for sharing all this great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Quando clico no link do rapid share, aparece "file not found". Abra├žo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Quimsy

I have only just discovered the track Dimension which I think is a killer.

I was therefore really chuffed to find your post which I see goes right back to 2006!

Regretfully the link is no more...

Is there any way you could re upload for me & no doubt other latecomers to this brilliant sounding album....

Thanks in advance my friend.

Jazz Obsessive

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Winston said...

Quimsy has some excellent stuff and I often come back here just to read the notes on particular musicians/albums. The original link is dead but you can try:


Anonymous said...

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