Monday, May 22, 2006

Fly Cruzeiro

Aquarius Producoes Artisticas - Brazil By Music 'Fly Cruzeiro' (1972)

Here's an absurdly rare promotional record for Brasil's Cruzeiro Airlines on their own label. Mellow yet groovy jazz fusion courtesy Marcos Valle and an early Azimuth incarnation.

1) Jingle Cruzeiro
2) Esta Fazendo Um Ano - Aquarela Do Brasil
3) Zazueira - Mas Que Nada
4) Tristeza
5) Aqui E O Pais Do Futebol
6) Ate Pensei
7) Zanzibar
8) Nao Tem Solucao - Marina - ...Das Rosas
9) Samba De Verao
10) Prenda Minha
11) Asa Branca
12) Wave


Quimsy said...

Quimsy said...

getting reports that rapidshare links are unavailable to some users - I think this could be a geographical issue. Try to persevere if this happens to u.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for the great music!

PS said...

No problem for rapidshare here ...great posts as always

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archigram said...

Nice one, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Quimsy,

This is zecalouro.

Wonderful Blog do you have. Keep rolling and do not hesitate to reach me any time.


Vinay said...

HI..Vinay here from india...Just got to hear thiks record. Interesting stuff..!!!

Anonymous said...

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Tiki said...

Again, thanks for all your great work - but, of course the links seem to be dead. Hope you can find time to re-post them.

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Fritz and I am Brazilian and excuse me the English bad.

The link ( done this break anybody would be possible upar again and to make available the new link?

Soyeb said...
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Anonymous said...

Are we certain about the release date?

Is the track Zanzibar on this album a cover of Earth Wind & Fire's track of the same name or the other way round?

Great album by the way.

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Wow this album is so amazing and relax to listen, one of my favorites to listen after a hard day of work.

Anonymous said...

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weallshineon said...

any way you can help me get a download of this still?? im dying to find it!!