Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jayme Marques

Jayme Marques RCA SPL1-2453 Spain (1976)

Jayme Marques was born in Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso del Sur, Brazil on June 12th 1936. After moving to Sao Paulo at 20, he arrives in Europe and soon to be homeland of Spain where he becomes musical director of La Orquesta Orfeo.

Notable jazz guitarist, composer and singer, Jayme Marques has collaborated with the likes of Augusto Algueró, Pedro Iturralde, Tete Montoliu, Ramon Farran. and Paco de Lucía, with who he fused flamenco with Brazilian music.

He has accompanied in world-wide tours such artists as Jacques Brel and Maysa Matarazzo, as well as sessions with Thad Jones, Lionel Hampton & Pat Metheny. He was largely responsible in introducing Bossa Nova and Samba to Europe.

Marques maintains his residence in Spain and in 1965 he moves to Palma de Mallorca where he he resides for 20 years, collaborating with Serrat, Josefine Baker, Tom Jones and Matt Monro. Creator of La Balerar Big Band, Marques ends his stay on the island directing the spectacular “In Memorian A Duke Ellington”. He then moves to Madrid where he lives at the moment, collaborating with Spanish television TVE.

This rare LP was produced & recorded exclusively for TVE for the Saturday TV program “Directísimo” in 1976. Presenter Jose Maria Iñigo personally requested Jayme Marques perform in the program, for which the musician prepared the tunes that appear on this record.

With great musicians like Rafael Ferro (keyboards), Pedro Iturralde (tenor sax and flute), Tito Duarte (percussion) & Pepe Sanchez (drums), this is an eclectic treat for lovers of jazz funk, big band jazz & bossa!

1) In The Mood
2) Dark Orchid
3) Boato
4) This Way
5) Balada
6) Little Brown Jug
7) Summertime
8) Garota De Ipanema
9) My Friend Willie
10) U.S.


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man, thank you for all the hard work you put into this. i've been a big fan of 70's soul, which grew into a love of jazz, jazz funk, library, soundtracks and all the other genres of that time. recently i've been trying to find out more and more about prog/jazz rock (?) and brazilian music and this is a great tool to help me along. thanks again and keep it up. peace

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No posts recently. I hope that all is well.

I have been following the blog for a while. Looking over it again a moment ago I realised how my tastes are changing. I noticed things, such as this, that I had skipped over before.

Please could you repost it? I might ask the same of some of the other posts.


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