Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sound Clips?

Am playing around with various audio extras to offer u guys. You should hear a brief preliminary sample as this page loads (don't worry - it won't loop you to insanity!).
What say you? On-demand sound samples from forthcoming posts/regularly updated background music? All feedback gratefully received.
My regards to you all...


R. said...

I must say I'm very negative to websites that automatically play music when I enter them. There are two reasons for this: 1) It slows down opening the website - and 2) I often hate the music.

I'm happy to say your blog opened as quickly as it usually does. Also I happen like the music you share here quite a lot - and the sound sample that was played had me curious. With added info as to where the music's culled from I imagine this could work just dandy! How you'd go about that, is your prerogative. Myself, I imagine I'd offer samples from forthcoming shares and occasionally shares that may have been overlooked somewhat and/or samples from commerciably available albums that I'd want to draw attention to, but not actually share myself. That's what I like about music blogging.

Any which way, the sound sample in the background actually works splendidly. So thumbs up from me :)

litlgrey said...

It puts me off when a web page loads with a loud music track. The blog "Realm of |X|" does it, for example. It's distracting. In fact when the page and sample loaded, I was listening to LuxuriaMusic and it really was jarring.
A sound sample doesn't tantalize me to d/l a posted album... it's the cover art and the description that get me - especially if I've never heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

If the sample that was playing (what was that?) when I first visited is the kind of thing that will be playing, it will be difficult to object.

Fantastic stuff, and long may it continue!

(p.s. Any chance of re-upping the earlier posts? Only found you in the last couple of weeks, and VERY keen to hear what I've missed)

Anonymous said...

I generally agree with litlgrey however in this instance I rather enjoyed the music , although I think it would be nice if you identified the artist & title of your selection.

Richard said...

The intro-music is a real nuisance - I've often got the TV on in a window and the sudden LOUDER music is very disruptive.

I hate it with a passion. :-(

db said...

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