Thursday, April 19, 2007

Solar Visions

Larry Bright - Solar Visions Crosswind CWR-301 (1978)

Larry Bright's brilliant fusion drumming has earned him a place as one of the hottest jazz performers around, he now coaches drummers and has become somewhat of a celebrity recently with the release of a video drumming tutorial. His advanced rhythm patterns and explosive style have gained him acclaim as the preferred drummer for progressive jazz artists worldwide.

Larry has played with many leading musicians including Sun Ra, Carl Filipiak, Curtis Mayfield, John Lee Hooker and Ben E. King, to name a few.

He made a couple of albums, but most notably this effort is a stunning underground classic. Awe inspiring spiritual jazz coupled with smooth and complex fusion rhythms, dancefloor-friendly in places but super cool throughout - a real favorite of mine.

This cosmic funky fusion masterpiece was released on the tiny Pennsylvania independant Crosswind Records and has almost vanished into obscurity - typical!

1) Aura Part II
2) What About Me
3) The Big Apple
4) Aura Part I
5) Midnight Magic
6) Tomorrow's End
7) Solar Visions
8) Beauty And Grace


Quimsy said...

Ted said...
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ollie said...

This album is awesome, and has aged well, as is not always the case with jazz-rock productions of the time. Nice jaco-esque bass as well. A very nice discovery for me. Could you by the way post the credits? THANX

wil royce said...

Okay, I'm stupid...I have never been able to get to the download site of any of these super-cool items....can someone hold my hand through the process?

ollie said...

okay, just copy the link posted as a comment (first comment) to your address bar, and then just push 'enter'. Depending on what you use, you might not be able to copy the whole link (I have trouble with Mozilla), so just do it with Explorer. Should be no problem.

Esteban Novillo said...

The best Smooth Jazz in Spanish: Las 1001 Musicas del Jazz. Check my radio show:

steve.d said...

brilliant posting quimsy,i really
enjoyed it,thought provoking fusion
thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Supa! Great! The Best!


xmnr0x23 said...

Aura Pt. 1 reflects my sunday morning perfectly! Thanks!!!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

franko said...

Another excellent album...many thanks !

simonsee43 said...

Wicked album!


Anonymous said...

vanished into obscurity...until you found drop

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Barbara said...

Awesome post :)
solar energy

waxwarrior03 said...

Hi Quimsy.
Since Rapidshare turned into defunct status long time ago, could it be possible for you to re-upload this gem please? That would be awesome!