Thursday, September 20, 2007

Natural Sources

Ronald Snijders - Natural Sources Private Pressing 6812 245 (Holl) (1977)

Ronald Snijders is considered to be the most swinging flutist in the Netherlands (Jazz magazine Jazz nu), and the inventor of African Surinam kawinajazz. He was born in Paramaribo, Suriname in 1951 and started to play the flute at the age of seven, influenced by his professionally flute playing father. In his youth he also practised guitar, sax, some piano and percussion, playing popular music, classical music, Brazilian music plus jazz.

In september of 1970 he settled in Delft, the Netherlands to study civil engineering, but about five years later he was a professional selftaught musician. Among his awards shines the Press prize at the prestigious NOS jazzconcours of 1973 in Laren, won with a flute solo. The legendary bandleader Boy Edgar who was presiding the jury said: Ronald Snijders has extreme skill and creativity. Jazz pianist Chick Corea wrote of him in 1976: You're a great flutist and an excellent composer…I'm sure people here in the United states will like your music a lot. And as jazz journalist Rudy Koopmans put it some years later: the most brillant fluteplayer in the field of improvised music in the Netherlands (Volkskrant).

Ronald Snijders produced and released twenty albums with innovative compositions of his own, varying in style from North American jazz and fusion to new African Caribbean jazz (among which Surinam kasekojazz and kawinajazz), Brazilian grooves and other worldjazz. Furthermore he played on albums of the Dutch Willem Breuker collective (in which he worked between 1974 and 1976), the partly Surinam Fra Fra big band and the Moroccan Weshm.

This, his debut release on his own Black Straight Music label, is a true collectors item. Not only does he play every instrument on the album, he is composer, producer and album art designer! Smooth, dense and spacey funky jazz with an exotic Brasilian-tinged flavour is order of the day. The man ticks every box here...enjoy!

1) Skin Source
2) Seven Wings
3) Galibi
4) Exchanged
5) Dagoe Sji Jorka
6) Busy Street
7) Todo Bere
8) Roseille
9) Temple Of Faith
10) Brazilian Blue


Quimsy said...

Weirdomusic said...

The world needs more Dutch music! :-)

Liquid Dilemma said...

great blogspot, amazing music, keep up the good work!!!

i just started one of my own, check:


freddydwight said...

unknown to The Prof. looking forward to this. :') tyvm.

J Thyme...kind said...

Is this you? jukebox.php?group=Read...

steve.d said...

quimsey no show for a while now,talk to the fans.

slj3 said...

Fantastic blog, many thanks to you Quimsy : you are truly my brazilian jazzfunk teacher!Could you please reupload your first record, Gay VAQUER's "the morning of the musicians"LP because the file is now deleted?Kind regards. St├ęphane, from french guiana. PS : If anybody could help, thanks too!

jay said...

cool stuff quimsy - thanks. a track by ronald snijders called "Lenox" was also on the 2006 Dutch Rare Groove compilation (Supertracks). Real funky stuff. btw suriname is a former dutch colony in south-america, bordering on brazil, guyana and venezuela..

gyugi said...

great thanks!

kizza said...

Your description makes me think i'm gonna love this album!
Thanks very much for the post!

V Mack said...

I have only heard about this reord, looking forward to actually hearing the whole thing!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Baby Grandpa said...

And just as on Bacoso's blog I have to leave the exact same comment, 'cause this post is the bomb, too.

A superb share and a superb rip. Now let's see who will be the first to lay hands on the Ronald Snijders album that contains the fabulous, almost hiphop style "Lenox" track!

The album is called "A Safe Return", was released in 1980 and contains the following tracks:

1. Lenox
2. Surinam lady
3. Kaseko attack
4. Sisa
5. Tukayana
6. Soweto friend
7. Djamba
8. A safe return

The album was released on Black Straight Records (BSM0102)


Baby Grandpa

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