Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Flight To Rio

Os 3 Do Rio - A Flight To Rio Guilde Internationale Du Disques/Concert Hall SVS-2431-2431 (1966)

Time for some carnival rhythms!! Hip male harmonising drenched in samba and bossa beats. Both the French and German cover art is included for the completists.

1) A Voz Do Morro
2) A-B-C (Ragg Mopp)
3) Batida Diferente
4) Batucada
5) Estrada Do Sol
6) Fechei A Porta
7) Folha Morta
8) General Da Banda
9) Menino Jogando Bola
10) Minha Saudade
11) Mulata Ye-Ye
12) Peidrita Del Mar
13) Pita Camion
14) So Meu Coracao


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Hi Quimsy, Welcome back & hope your feeling better?
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hello. Your blog has always been one of the goodies. I just learned about Mike Nock and I wonder if you could please re-up the "Between or Beyond"?


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great music!
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Always on the lookout for another version of 'Batucada'.



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You are da man!!!

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It sounds awesome, it really reminded me of my time in Rio 5 years ago, I lived there for almost a year, awesome country.