Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Aquarius - Aquarius Continental 1.07-405-098 (1976)

Here's a delicious slice of Bossa goodness, beautiful soulful vocals set to a dreamy backdrop of arrangements by Raymundo Bittencourt.

This one commands high prices and it's easy to see why within moments of touching the needle down! You may recognise some of the tunes, although the arrangements differ from those on the Burnier & Cartier LP. No Cláudio Cartier here, but you needn't worry, the same breezy vocal appeal comes from Octávio & Sonia Burnier (a la Ronie Mesquita & Central Do Brasil).

Raymundo Bittencourt (acoustic guitar, drums, vocal, arrangements); Octavio Burnier (electric guitar, vocal); Leonardo Luiz (piano); Alberto Arantes (bass) and Sonia Burnier (lead vocal) - all the ingredients are in place and if ever there were an album that embodies that groovy Brasilian spirit that is so in-demand now, this is it! Download now - thank me later.

1) Só Tem Lugar Pra Você
2) A Rã
3) Carolina
4) Falsa Baiana
5) Beijo Partido
6) Só Louco
7) Chega De Saudade
8) Tamanco No Samba
9) Europanema
10) Saudade Da Bahia
11) Atire A Primeira Pedra
12) Tibidabo
13) Pink Bar


Quimsy said...


Simon666 said...

Thankyou, this is lovely!
That's my new favourite version of Toninho Horta's 'Beijo Partido' (if that was the original ? or was it djavan?)
'Pink bar" is driving me crazy, it's got this faux-'oriental' lilt to it ...
Such great arrangements .... well, i realllllly like this.

Great to see a post from you, thanks ,

Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

pawlyshyn said...

Wow, another rare piece of the Burnier-Cartier puzzle. I've been looking for this one for years.
As for Beijo Partido, Milton Nascimento, Nana Caymmi and the Tamba Trio all recorded it in 1975, a year before this. Did Djavan really do a version too?

Simon666 said...

Pawlyshyn, I just checked the CD I thought it was on, and no, I think I must have had the Nascimento one in my head ... :)
Did you guys get the live Burnier-Cartier album (Sydney Opera House, with Don Burrows and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra) ? It was up at Loronoix, but he lost a lot of his files a few months ago ...

ish said...

I like Burnier-Cartier so I'm curious about this. Thanks! (and thanks Simon for pointing me to it)

Mr. Shyloc said...
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Mr. Shyloc said...

Thanks a lot! I love that kind of sound (like Central Do Brasil).
If you have more like this I would enjoy! Many many thanks!

Your sincerely reader addicted #1 :)

Anonymous said...

Quimcy, Gay Vaquer not found not, not found not!!!!!


J Thyme...kind said...

Hi Quimsy, I've got my fingers crossed on this one.

pawlyshyn said...

>Did you guys get the live Burnier-Cartier album (Sydney Opera House, with Don Burrows and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra) ?

That album proves how dazzling they could be without any of the studio window-dressing of their two studio albums. But it's an odd collection -- the tracks without Burner and Cartier are on the stodgy side.

Simon666 said...

Pawlyshyn, I've cut mine down to a single album version (though I did love the whole concert itself as a teenager, my mother took me to it!). Didn't have a huge effect on me at the time, but must have resonated later ..

pawlyshyn said...

Wow, Simon, you went to that show? What do you know about the circumstances? It seems a bit mysterious -- veteran jazzman invites obscure Brazilian duo to Australia to share spotlight at concerts. Do you actually have the album? I would love to see a proper FLAC version with the full cover.
Yes, I don't mind the full show, but as a Burnier-Cartier album, it's much better cut down to a single CD.

Simon666 said...

Hi Pawlyshyn -
Burrows was in a period of fascination with brazilian music at that stage, including some Brazilian tracks on his albums. Not sure of the circumstances - the year after that, he brought out Burnier's uncle Luis Bonfa for another album.
I do have the album. Had really been waiting to see if Loronix were going to re-up it, as they had flacs there before someone trashed hundreds of their rapidshare links a few months back.
If this doesn't happen I'll put it up at Never Enough Rhodes

Luciano Curumin said...

Yo Quimsy!
I'am looking for the Gay Vaquer album. Do you have some plan to repost it? Please!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this gem, I really like it!!

djangophile said...

This is great, great stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


mr.gone said...

You've def got some stuff here I've not seen before.

Great stuff, thanks


crateman302 said...

Many thanks for this lp right here! Dope stuff!

Saint Jude said...

Extra unusually beautiful, and worth it just for "A Rã". Superb quality rip too.

electrovybe said...

Muito bom !
I heard their first album some years ago and discovered about this album that followed after it.
Thanks for your great work and sharing !

Happy holidays

Simon666 said...

Back here again 8 months later to say how much I'm enjoying this album today, and thanks again. Play it again everyone :)

jazzobsessive said...


New to me.

Anonymous said...

Win B

Thanks. Your blog has been quite an eye opener. Another education for me into the really obscure and wonderful world of music I didn't know I needed.

Anonymous said...

3 years later people are downloading this (me!).
And with good reason. thanks m8.