Monday, July 07, 2008

Nick Ayoub

Nick Ayoub Jazz Quintet - The Music Of Nick Ayoub Radio Canada International RCI-455 (1977)

Saxophonist, oboist, english hornist, composer, b Trois-Rivières, Que, of Lebanese parents, 7 Sep 1926, d Montreal, 2 May 1991. Raised in Montreal he took up in turn clarinet, tenor saxophone, oboe, english horn, and flute, and studied with Arthur Romano at the CMM. Studies in oboe followed with Harold Gomberg of the New York Philharmonic.
Ayoub began his professional career in 1943, soon playing tenor saxophone in the dance or jazz bands of Johnny Holmes, Maynard Ferguson, the saxophonist Freddie Nichols, and the trombonist Jiro 'Butch' Watanabe. Though a leading studio musician in Montreal by the early 1950s, and occasionally an oboist (and less frequently a saxophonist) with the MSO, he remained active in jazz. An Ayoub quintet performed at the 1963 Montreal Jazz Festival and other Ayoub bands (usually with trumpeter Alan Penfold and pianist Art Roberts) appeared in Montreal clubs, in concert and on various CBC radio jazz programs through the 1970s.

Lovely deep and exotic jazz here released only in Canada. Funky modal grooves are interspersed with more contemplative, searching jazz cuts. A very fine album that deserves far wider recognition.

Ayoub fl, english horn, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, Penfold trumpet, Roberts piano, Angelillo double-bass, Masson drums.

1) Spanish Walk
2) Desert Boots
3) Kittens
4) Put It Out
5) Jazz Concertino Peridot
6) Jazz Concertino Turquoise
7) Jazz Concertino Opale
8) Jazz Concertino Saphir
9) Little Joey


Quimsy said...

Simon666 said...

i looked at this for a few days going mayyyyybe, just like I did with "The Baron", then grabbed it and of course it's great. I like the twisty arp working around the arabic scales, of course I like the rhodes, and that bass player is hot.
High quality as always Quimsy, many thanks.

ORO said...

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Enjoy my musical presents


g.raf said...

great post.

thanks quimsy.

Gianni said...

thanks again quimsy.
another cool sharing!

fritz the cat said...

thank you, sounds interesting.

Nick said...

thank you for this! these RCI albums are real treats.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nicky Ayoub was my uncle. I have this album with others that I have saved from his hay days. He was a wonderful man, a kind hearted spirit who loved music. I remember times up in the country sitting outside listening to him practice as it echoed all around the mountains in Lake Lachagan.
I'm so happy others are keeping his memory alive. Hope you enjoy- thanks for making my day brighter thinking of these happy memories from my childhood.

Defroster said...

Great post, another enjoyable LP, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous thank you , must be cool to have a uncle as a big musician ,.!! NICE ,.well wish you the Best!

ig said...

great blog Quimsy, thanks!

Cabinboy said...

Hi there, could i possibly get a repost of the Jorge Ruiz? i wasn't bloggin' at the time it was put up, thanks if so, np if not, i'll survive, plenty of great stuff around lately, the Dale Jacobs for one!

johnv said...

Thanks for this one Quimsy; your description sold it well.

boogieman said...

Beautiful album that gets even better with every listen.

treparic said...

Happy that i land on this site !!!
1974-1978 i was one of his student!
I loved this man like a father and we became good friend !
very good souvenir !!

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I just love his music. He's very professional as a composer and most of the people can't avoid his talent to play the saxophone.

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This a great ans successful man because he achieved many things during his life, he was Saxophonist, oboist, English hornist, composer and who knows if he got something else, that's the reason I love her work.

rowgatien said...

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