Monday, November 17, 2008

Melodia Ensemble Part II

Melodia Ensemble - The Works Of Duke Ellington Melodia C60-09261-2 (1978)

More hip Russian big band nuttiness for you - and one that may well have The Duke spinning in his grave! A first rate LP of funky and progressive arrangements of evergreens with real stings in their tails - a real surprising play throughout. All killer... etc.

I'll keep it short and sweet and let the music do the talking.

1) Take The 'A' Train
2) In A Sentimental Mood
3) It Don't Mean A Thing
4) Daydream
5) Cotton Tail


Quimsy said...

avocado kid said...

Van Damn!

Anonymous said...

And the hits just keep on coming....Brilliant stuff, Quimsy! Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

ExtraJazzRock from Russia . thanks a million man :) Maybe you could post some of the Arsenal (from USSR also)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey quims'...have been looking through your posts while at work up here on Merseyside....looks like you got some amazing sounds man.. hope to give some a listen....pity about the bitrate though mate.

Cabinboy said...

thanks! request, do you have david friesen - star dance, thanks if so!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

hi Anonymous (2nd),

Arsenal (Russia)


johnv said...

Thanks for the Melodia posts Quimsy. Your blog always turns up unexpected (but great!) music. Take care.

viagra online said...

their melodies sound incredible weird, where did you get this strange Russian jewel of conceptual music ?