Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chicken Feathers

Monica Zetterlund - Chicken Feathers Sveriges Radio SR-1151 (1972)

OK so we all loved the last Steve Kuhn album - a hard act to follow. So let's stick with the majesty of Steve Kuhn and an LP that matches the previous post in quality with a groove quotient off the scale!

Swedish songstress Monica Zetterlund and her finest hour in my opinion. All tracks written and arranged by Kuhn on a Swedish only release featuring a veritable who's who of Swedish jazzers.

Arne Domnérus - Clarinet, Sax (Alto); Lennart Åberg - Flute, Sax (Tenor); Claes Rosendahl - Flute, Sax (Tenor); Erik Nilsson - Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Baritone); Jan Allan - Trumpet; Bosse Broberg - Trumpet; Bertil Lövgren - Trumpet; Sven Larsson - Trombone (Bass); Hakan Nyqvist - French Horn; Rune Gustafsson - Guitar; Bengt Hallberg - Piano; George Riedel - Bass; Alex Riel - Drums.

Easily one of my favorites and soon to be one of yours I have no doubt.

1) Chicken Run
2) The Baby
3) The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers
4) Raindrops Raindrops
5) Silver
6) Till Monica
7) The Thoughts Of A Gentleman
8) The Real Guitarist In The House
9) Pearlie's Swine
10) Ulla
11) Till Steve


Quimsy said...


ish said...

The Kuhn really was my fave download of December. I see this is all Kuhn songs...can't wait! Thanks for it.

Greg said...


katonah said...

just gotta say, the steve kuhn drop was fuckin awesome.

surely this can't be as good ..
here's hoping.

thanks quimsy

bacoso said...


Baby Grandpa said...

Fabulous. Listening to it right now, here at work!


Baby Grandpa

Anonymous said...

yes, is one of my fav now!

thank you, Quimsy.

il angelo said...

a find, Quimsy, a find.Thanks

avocado kid said...


simonsee43 said...

Real nice...'Pearlie's Swine' is a killer track!


Isao73e3 said...

thanks - awesome trax! ta'ra!

vyriausias valgytojas said...

hey man, maybe you repost Bobby Cole album A Point Of View, i search this very long time...

johnv said...

Super quality as always, thanks Quimsy.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Cole, a Point of View.


Anonymous said...

thank you for Bobby Cole!!! Thank You.

Guillermo said...

Thanks a lot. This is a rare item indeed, and, along with the Kuhn album, contains many tunes included in the "Real Book"

Simon666 said...

really special stuff Quimsy, fantastic arrangements, thanks!

simon said...

Thanks so much Quimsy, this is EXACTLY the kind of cool, slightly melancholic vocal jazz that i dig - kind of similar to the Collage records you posted a while ago, and also reminiscent of You Never Come closer from Swedish singer Doris. Are there any other LPs you could recommend in this style?
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Real nice album-Thanks

Jazz Obsessive