Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Il Killer

Gianni Ferrio - Il Killer CAM SAG-9012 (1969)
Colonna Sonora Originale

Here's a kookie but infinitely groovy score to the Italian TV comedy "Il Killer". Here Ferrio blurs the edges of jazzy cool to sixties cheese and everything in between. Take some uptempo jazz, elegant lounge, soothing bossa, a hint of psychedelia - serve liberally with Hammond and horns and sprinkle with sitar. Voila, Molto Hip!


Quimsy said...

Link shortly - RS not playing nice

Reza said...

Yup sure is a good one :)

1 Strana gente 2:25
2 Mr. Icecream 2:59
3 Week-end on ice 1:30
4 Mr. Icecream again 0:58
5 Troppo dolce, prego! 2:00
6 Un gelato per tutti 1:48
7 Creatura sensibile (canta Olympia) 3:54
8 Strana gente (canta Peppino Gagliardi) 2:19
9 Mr. Icecream all'Opera 1:16
10 Billy's icecream 0:57
11 Fino all'ultimo gelato 1:14
12 Pedigree 2:08
13 Semifreddo 2:24
14 Mr. Icecream nel chiostro (coro) 1:16
15 Nuovi ricchi 3:20

Quimsy said...

litlgrey said...

Yes, this is indeed a tasty classic.

nico said...

Haha I love it, fun and bit of swing.

Simon666 said...

Always love a bit of Ferrio, particularly like his dark string harmonies that you get on a few of these tracks. Thanks Quimsy.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

great post. thank you

onwheels said...

Once again you have pulled something extremely dope!!! Thanks

senor pocopico said...

Grooovyy!! Thanx. Just imagine that music of this kind was considered as a quickie

makuma said...

Listening to this now after a few months.. Really really nice.. A new composer for me :)

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