Saturday, August 15, 2009

Henny Vonk

Henny Vonk - Vonk's First!
Philips 855838 XPY (1969)

A great little album by songstress Henny Vonk on Dutch Philips. Her name crops up regularly for those Chris Hinze, John Lee/Gerry Brown albums of the 70s but she's hardly what I'd call prolific and you never see this one, her debut.

What lifts this for me is the slick backing of the Rob van den Broek Trio and the arrangements of Tony Vos who guests on sax. Cracking stuff!


Anonymous said...

G'day! Where is the link? Thanks!

Re-Bop said...

Try this - a Henny Vonk mash-up of While my Guitar Gently weeps:

Sixties-Chick said...

Please can you post the link???

Quimsy said...