Monday, September 21, 2009

Love and Fantasy

Dieter Reith - Love And Fantasy (1978)
Intercord 160116

A wonderfully slinky set of grooves from ubermensch Reith with tracks originally recorded for the German thriller series 'Die Kette', in his own modest words "the waste-product of the soundtrack". I don't hear much waste product here, lots to be had in fact but the dreamy down-tempo funk of ''Uschi' complete with those slick ethereal backing vocals does it for me every time - then of course that 'Beams' track!

1) Pace-Maker
2) Transmitter
3) Beams
4) Uschi
5) Lift-Off
6) Love And Fantasy



DWIGHT said...

hey, love your selections.
Is there a link for this one ?

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Dieter is the name of one of my favorite characters of all times in anime... I know it has nothing to do with music and this band -except for the name- but I could not avoid thinking: with that name, I will surely love them. Besides, your review helped a lot to increase my high hopes on them.

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makuma said...

Thanks Quimsy, I 've been without time to follow blogs but just thought of passing by to say hello and get some more inspiration!! Thank You for always delivering!!

sollo said...

Just found your blog - Thank you for the shares and information.

litlgrey said...

Phewww! Three years later, and the link still works!

makuma said...

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Unknown said...

just found your blog too, great music thanks for sharing!