Friday, February 24, 2006

Big Band Explosion!

Gil Fuller-James Moody & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra - Night Flight Pacific Jazz ST-20101 (1966)

Coming on strong like Oliver Nelson or Lalo Schifrin, this filmic sounding orchestral blow-out is so good it hurts. Sax and flute player James Moody joins Gil (real name Walter) Fuller on this lesser known Monterey Jazz Orchestra outing without Dizzy Gillespie this time, but that doesn't affect the quality one bit - inspired performances all-round.

Fuller has regularly collaborated with all the greats including Ray Charles, Stan Kenton & the aforementioned and close buddy Dizzy Gillespie and is the bandleader's bandleader. He was one of the first to compose big band charts in the bebop style and later formed his own own publishing company, a natural outlet when he branched out into writing texts about his music, including an analytical discussion of his arrangement methods.

Not an average batch of cover versions this, Fuller and Moody inject exciting variations into well-known tunes and the orchestra are tight and monumentally swinging. Not a dud note to be heard...

01) Tin Tin Deo
02) I'm In The Mood For Love
03) Night Flight
04) Our Man Flint
05) Seesaw
06) Batucada Surgiu
07) 17 Mile Drive
08) A Patch Of Blue
09) Latin Lady
10) Blues For A Debutante
11) Sweets For My Sweet
12) Wild Chestnuts

A real eye-opener coming shortly in the form of a French guitarist and jazz-scat vocalist with a secret I am soon to reveal, one that I could barely believe myself


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I owe you a thank you for your wonderful shares so far. Only wish I'd have had more time to listen to music. But I will get around to it. Lovely blog!

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Seriously good music and didn't know any of the names. Excellent. Thanks you Quimsy!

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