Monday, February 27, 2006

Juvenile Gypsy Jazz

Boulou - With The Paris All Stars Barclay LP-80254 (Fra) 1964

The 13 Years Old Jazz Sensation From France!

Boulou Ferré was born of gypsy origin in Paris on the 24th of April 1951. At five years, Boulou sang all the solos of Dizzy Gillespie but started his musical studies at the age of seven with his father, Pierre Matelot Ferré, one of the main musicians in Django Reinhardt's and Stéphane Grappelli's Quintette du Hot Club de France. Along with jazz guitar he starts to study classical guitar with Francisco Gil and gives a first concert at the Guimet Museum at the age of eight.

At twelve, he accompanies Jean Ferrat who fell under his charm, it was then he signed with Barclay and recorded his first album in '63. In 1964 he plays during the first part of John Coltrane's concert at the Jazz festival of Juan les Pins. Boulou & les Paris All Stars is in fact his third album and features Pierre Michelot, Eddy Louiss, Kenny Clarke and Maurice Vander amongst other stars. This album was an homage to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and was given 4 stars from Down Beat Magazine.

At the beginning of the Seventies, he appears with the vibraphonist and multi-instrumentalist Gunter Hampel, then with Steve Potts in company of Christian Escoudé and the Japanese pianist Takashi Kako. In 1974, it's with The Corporation Gypsy Orchestra, he grabs the attention of Carlos Santana and Frank Zappa et al.

Boulou went on to study harmony and composition with the french organist and composer Olivier Messiaen - and participate in a wide repertoire with several musicians such as Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Clarke, Wayne Marsh, Philly Joe Jones, Chet Baker, Stéphane Grappelli… He also composes music for movies and for television.

1) Mack The Knife
2) Groovin' High
3) Night & Day
4) Undecided
5) Blue'N Boogie
6) Salt Peanuts
7) A Night In Tunisia
8) Bluesette
9) I'll Never Smile Again
10) Ow
11) The Girl From Ipanema
12) Ascott

Thrill at the marvels of this thirteen year old. In his vocals you can hear he's but a boy but that's where the kiddiness ends! All this under the direction of Maestro Alain Goraguer. A treasure...don't you think so?


space debris said...


of course, with his dad playing with Django's group he must have been pretty well connected...

pretty cool

QQF resident said...

yes, very cool indeed. much obliged

Anonymous said...

Wow excellent
do you have more gypsy jazz from the 70s like The Corporation Gypsy Orchestra?
Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Man, who complained about this file?
Why would someone do something like that?!

the jazzman said...

No one. But no one (except for the jazzman) knows about young Boulou much less has this album. It is a true collectors album. Boulou in his later years went into fusion guitar which I really didn't care for. There is a companion album (aslo on 4 Corners) made a year later called "Jazz/Left Bank".

Grab it anyone who reads this.

Capitan Aguirre said...

Seria possivel re postar este excelente album? Sou musico e gostaria muito de ouvir este jovem?
Is it possible to re post it?
Thank you in advance!
Trully yours
R Aguirre

ol2b said...

Hi, Can you please repost it ??

Jazzrealities said...

Please make this one available too again

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please repost it!

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Anonymous said...

i'm a crate digger and this album was given to me by a friend 15 yrs ago. one of my favorite albums, maybe because it's so 'pure'. him scatting to all the funky grooves and singing in french & shit! my 1st trip to tokyo, i bought this & shogun assassin soundtrack on cd. thx for sharing!