Monday, March 13, 2006

São Paulo Jazz Funk

Banda Metalurgia - Banda Metalurgia Som Da Gente SD-6013 (1982)

Formed in 1980 and led by Trombonista Itacyr Bocato, this wonderful Brasilian jazz funk bomb boasts many great tunes. Slick jazzy rhythms set to a tight São Paulo horn section, very much akin to the more well-known Banda Black Rio and critically acclaimed on first release.

With Bocato on trombone are Lino Simão, Jacare & Julio Peluchi on saxophones, Nonô Camargo & Claudio Faria on trumpets, Mané Leao on piano, Marcelo Munari on guitar, Edu Fiore on bass and Claudinho on drums.

1) Multinacional
2) Amarelo
3) Impulso
4) Oi
5) Ap. 403
6) Barra Pesada
7) Lá Em Guayaquil
8) Ermelindo E Casanova
9) A Salsa E O Cheiro Verde
10) Esperando Edmundo
11) Em Tempo De Baeta
12) Samba Da Volta Ao Bernô


PS said...

Yet another album I can't wait to hear ...fantastic thank you ,gary

Muse said...

this is quite nice, Thanks & Cheers!

alfrocker said...

I have the LP, it´s so good.
Multinacional was a openning theme for a show from a Brazilian TV program called "Fabrica do Som" (Sound Factory) at the dawn of the 80's.
A lots of 80's rock group played there.
It was a good times.

alfrocker said...

Sorry, the correct song is "Lá Em Guayaquil".

Bruxa do Vinil said...

If you want, I have done the complete covers for this.

Danilo said...

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