Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Zimbo Trio - Opus Pop Nº 2 Philips 6349 080 (1973)

Formed in 1964 in São Paulo by classically trained pianist Amilton Godoy, bassist/composer/orchestrator Luís Chaves, and drummer Rubinho (Rubens Barsotti).

They performed for the first time under the name of Zimbo Trio at Oásis nightclub in São Paulo, accompanying the famous actress and novice singer Norma Benguel in a show directed by Aluísio de Oliveira.

In 1965, the trio travelled to Lima and Buenos Aires, and it was at the festival of Mar del Plata, Argentina, they received the Cancioneiro das Américas award. They were then hired to perform regularly on the TV show 'O Fino da Bossa', produced by Elis Regina and Jair Rodrigues. The Zimbo Trio received awards for best soundtrack for the movies Noite Vazia (1965, Walter Hugo Khoury) and A Margem, (1967, Ozualdo Candeias).

In 1972, they toured Portugal and Spain with Elizete Cardoso. Accompanying the Brazilian singer Sílvia Maria on Adilson's "Heróica," The Zimbo Trio was awarded first prize at the Festival de Onda Nueva, Caracas, Venezuela. Since 1973 the trio has been in charge of the Centro Livre de Aprendizagem Musical (Free Center for Musical Studies), an entity dedicated to the teaching of a wide spectrum of musical styles.

With a career spanning 40 years, and more than 40 albums, including guest appearances, Zimbo Trio’s line-up has remained unchanged since its inception.

Although some of their LPs are quite pedestrian, they are true exponents of the bossa form and could even turn their hands to more progressive & funky fusion offerings. This album is pretty disimilar to that Zimbo sound boasting haunting renditions of Bach or Chopin classics turned inside-out into hip bossa grooves. Fans of wordless female vocals and dreamy scatting won't be disappointed.

1) Sevilla
2) Festa No Sertão
3) Wachet Auf Ruff Uns Die Stimme
4) Prelúdio
5) La Danse d'Anitra
6) Playera
7) Sicilienne
8) Largo
9) Narcisos



PS said...

am looking forward to this one ...your last post was superb as always thank you
PS I posted a Cesar Mariano album recently if your interested .

Quimsy said...

Thanks for your kind words.

I have Mariano's entire essential output - but your offer is most appreciated.

delicado said...

Very cool stuff. The Chopin one, 'Preludio' (aka Gainsbourg's 'Jane B') is a particular highlight for me.

Didn't the guy from Zimbo trio write that amazing Elis Regina track 'Sou sem paz'?

delicado said...

Ok, I take it back, my favorite is now the version of Faure's 'Sicilienne'. I used to play this piece on the cello but it didn't swing like this.

Deodato does a good Faure too. I'll have to try a Brazilian Faure compilation some time!

Quimsy said...

admittedly confusing...
"Sou Sem Paz" was written by Adylson, brother of Zimbo's Amilton. Altho' I believe it is Amilton who plays piano on the track.

delicado said...

cool. How is their version of 'sou sem paz'? I'm always surprised that this fantastic song wasn't recorded more. I have it on the Elis album and in English on Phil Moore's 'Afro Brazil Oba!', but I have never found any other versions.

Anonymous said...

this is a surprise and quite nice. Thanks & Cheers!

Quimsy said...

- apart from Elis Regina's version and that of Adylson's own version on his first LP on RGE (which incidentally was arranged by the previously posted Erlon Chaves) in 1965 - "Sou Sem Paz" has been most notably recorded by The Sansa Trio (Sansa Trio Vol.2); Som Nove (self-titled 1967 lp) & Os Tatuis (from their 1965 lp).

delicado said...

thanks - I'll look out for those.

Ed Motta said...


Very nice this blog!
I am doing something similar since 2005, http://www2.uol.com.br/edmotta/html/por/blaudio.html
But it´s in portuguese...


Marco Antonio Russi said...

this album is very good! I have an
original LP copy, but one track was missed in your post: "Scheerazade"
But thanks, anyway, since my LP
is full of scratchesand, this present
is more than welcome!
And congratulations for your
site too... Very tastefull...

Greetings from all your fans from Brazil!


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