Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Inner City Summer

Here's a compilation of lesser known summery jazz fusion tunes all taken from the U.S. Inner City label and are of a late seventies vintage. I did this one for personal consumption but thought you might enjoy it, so here it is with suitable cover art.

If there are enough takers, I'll post the second volume at a later date.

1) Sam Morrison - Song Of Landa
2) Arn Evans + Tradewinds - Song For The Changing Seasons
3) Jeff Lorber Fusion - Chinese Medicinal Herbs
4) Listen Featuring Mel Martin - Growing
5) Dry Jack - Heads In The Cloud
6) Solar Plexus - The Darwin Dilemma
7) Bert Ligon - River Journey
8) Didier Lockwood - Aspiring Answer
9) Cybill Shepherd - Triste
10) Kellis Ethridge - Pensacola Joy
11) Arni Egilsson - Hot Air On A G String


Quimsy said...

Miss F said...
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PS said...

Hi ...well your right I did enjoy it ...lots of new stuff for me thank you
BTW There's a Solar Plexus album in my archives if your a fan ..which album does the track you include come from ?

Ed Phipps said...

Interesting that the album cover you show is the same one used for Kellis Ethridge's Tomorrow Sky record. I have posted the complete Tomorrow Sky at

Quimsy said...

Hi Gary

"The Darwin Dilemma" from Solar Plexus is from their self-titled 1978 LP on Inner City 1067.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi quimsy
thanks for this beautiful compilation. I'm enjoying it tremendously. This wil be the soundtrack of my summer. Can't wait to hear part two!!!! Hope it will be the same kind of sound

thanks again

Anonymous said...

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nardew said...

Hi Quimsy!

I just found out your place and it looks great.
I need to ask you if it's possible to upload this album again, 'couse it has been deleted from original link.

Eric said...
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Eric said...


Is there an Inner City Summer part II? If there is, I'm sure curious whether I might be on one of the cuts!

I played violin and viola in Solar Plexus on the 1980 LP "Earth Songs", the second and final Solar Plexus record on Inner City Records. It's the one after the eponymous record that "The Darwin Dilemma" was taken from.


Eric Golub

alex said...

superb blog m8!
can you retype the link in full please ?
been after this for years & gutted i cant download it!

many thanks

kebya said...

This is an old blog entry (and I'm adding this on 1/31/08), but with search engines someone might come across this: Inner City Records releases are starting to come out on CD. Among the ones on this sampler are a Dry Jack and the Cybill Shepherd. Keep looking for them

Anonymous said...

Win B

I have the Cybill Shepherd Mad about the boy album where the Triste track comes from. It was alos available on one of the Jazz Juice compilations many moons ago. Once again great stuff and thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

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