Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Musica De Briamonte

José Briamonte - Sambeco, A Musica De Briamonte RCA Victor BBL-1449 (1968)

Probably the rarest LP by this legendary songwriter, arranger & pianist. His talents often grace the grooviest sixties' bossa releases and this album is no exception.

Joined by the likes of Papudinho on trumpet, Raulzinho on trombone, Heraldo do Monte on acoustic guitar, Capacete & Guará on acoustic bass, Garoto on vibes, Chacau & Heitor on drums & percussion and Boneca on acoustic guitar.

Whether it's tight snapping jazz instrumentals or groovy bossa vocals, each tune is propelled in Briamonte's trademark swinging fashion - and with songs penned by Alan & Marilyn Bergman, Quincy Jones, João Donato, Luiz Carlos Vinhas, Milton Nascimento & Johnny Alf, as well as Briamonte himself, it's a great listen all the way through!

1) Roda De Samba
2) Selva
3) Moça
4) The World Goes On
5) Canto Pra Amada
6) Eu E A Brisa
7) Mr. King
8) Travessia
9) Watch What Happens
10) Januaria
11) Sonho Bom
12) Ye Me Le


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