Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Os Tatuis

Os Tatuis - Os Tatuis Farroupilha LPFA-410 (1965)

Yet another early Bertrami brothers project, also known as Azymuth!. Here's a the slickest bossa jazz, the group's forward thinking arrangements are already self-evident on this perfectly realised album.

Os Tatuis are led by Jose or Ze Roberto on piano & Claudio Henrique on bass, the remainder of the group comprising Og Vasconcelos on Sax, Ivo Mendes on trumpet, Elizeu de Campos Vieira on drums with Aresky Aratto also on keys.

1) Vivo Sonhando
2) Nuvens
3) Inutil Paisagem
4) Voce
5) A Morte De Um Deus De Sal
6) Insensatez
7) A Bossa Do Ze Roberto
8) Primavera
9) Samba Do Aviao
10) Sou Sem Paz
11) Minha Namorada
12) O Menino Das Laranjas


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