Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Night In The '706' Club

Eduardo Prates e Seu Conjunto & Fernando Martins e Seu Conjunto - Uma Noite No 706 Philips 6349.336 (1977)

This will satisfy lovers of Fender Rhodes led jazzy bossa. Lots of funky tunes here awash with groovy male & female vocals.

This session was recorded live at the "706" club in Rio and features a side each by Eduardo Prates & Fernando Martins with their respective groups.

Side A - Eduardo Prates e Seu Conjunto
1) Vai Levando
2) Papo Furado
3) O Que Vier Eu Traco
4) Bambo Do Bambu
5) Ajoelha
6) Partido Rico
7) Te Segura
8) Recordacoes De Um Batuqueiro
9) Voce Vai Ver

Side B - Fernando Martins e Seu Conjunto
1) Adeus, America
2) Rock-Enredo
3) Acreditar
4) Outro Amor
5) Jesuino Galo Doido
6) Antes Ele Do Que Eu
7) Perdoa
8) Maracatu Atomico


Quimsy said...

avocado kid said...

cool, I am one of the afore-mentioned lovers.

Anonymous said...

hey Quimsy
thanks for all the nice work
I'm still waiting for that Inner city summer part two! Summer is over but for me it will start again if you make a second part that is as good as part one!


Anonymous said...

Hey quimsy
You're doin such a fabulous work ! But here in france your older links are not working. I don't know why, and I can't listen to that record even if I'm a rhodes/brasil big big fan. Could you be kind enough to repost a link ? Please please please

Jorge said...

File not found

Repost Please