Monday, November 27, 2006

Caçhasa Suite

Lars Färnlöf, Staffan Abeléens Kvintett & Radiojazzgruppen - Svit Caçhasa SR Records RELP-1152 (Swe) (1973)

“Caçhasa” is singularly impressive, showing that while trumpeter and composer Färnlöf was quite comfortable writing for a larger group, he kept the musical landscape reasonably uncluttered and gave the ensemble and its component parts ample room to swing. Besides the members of the quintet, the soloists on “Caçhasa” include some of Sweden’s best — pianist Bengt Hallberg, guitarist Rune Gustafsson, saxophonist / flautist Lennart Åberg, drummer Egil Johansen, trombonist Lars Olofsson, baritone Erik Nilsson and others. This perceptively written and handsomely performed Jazz album really impresses and grooves hard from the opening bar to the last.

Lars Färnlöf : cornet, flugelhorn
Björn Netz : tenor saxophone
Staffan Abeleen : piano
Fredrik Norén : drums
Red Mitchell : double bass
Bosse Broberg : trumpet
Bertil Lövgren : trumpet
Jan Allan : trumpet
Håkan Nyquist : french horn
Lars Olofsson : trombone
Sven Larsson : bass trombone, tuba
Bertil Färnlöf : oboe, cor anglais
Arne Domnérus : alto saxophone
Claes Rosendahl : tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute
Lennart Åberg : soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Erik Nilsson : baritone saxophone
Bengt Hallberg : piano
Rune Gustafsson : guitar
Stefan Brolund : electric bass
Egil Johansen : drums
Jan Bandel : congas

1) Mörkret Ler
2) La Bergerie I
3) La Bergerie II
4) Caçhasa
5) Delta Queen


Quimsy said...

Zadig said...

i can't wait to hear this. and thanks so much for maintaining/creating this awesome blog.
i especially enjoyed "Quinteplus". marvelous. thanks again, adieu


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that in the title it should be spelled "Cachaça", as the sugarcane liquor? Anyway, thanks a lot, man!

Anonymous said...

Have More Swedish Jazz. Thanks for this one. They have some great musicians and composers there. Even today. And thankyou swedish radio!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this one two..but tell me one thing. Why such large link that make dificult to copy. Again thanks for your up's

Reza said...

Hi Quimsy , I know this post is from some time back but just wondered if you had Lars Farnlof's Chameleon OST or any stuff by the Sansara band