Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cult Of Marius

Marius Cultier - Ouelele...Souskai Fiesta 360 066 (1975)

This famed pianist was born in Martinique and when as a teenager he began touring the Caribbean & French Antilles participating in various events & contests it wasn't long before he gained notoriety from his peers. At 20 he shifts to Canada where his fame there allows him to promote the young jazz talents of the Antilles.

This album, cut in France has become somewhat of a cult latin jazz masterpiece - and whilst retaining that West Indian flavour is infused with the lateral jazz expressiveness of the day and a compulsive funky flare that is irresistable on the dancefloor. Don't miss the percussive fusion bomb 'Diamant', a true tour de force...

1) Ouelele
2) Missie Sirop
3) Diamant
4) Laini
5) Souskai
6) Ni Tellement Longtemps (Eh Oui Doudou)
7) Gade Boudin Madame
8) Rezouk Souvenir


Quimsy said...

Vanzetti said...

wow! muchas gracias! I love the first track which i have on the Comet Records compilation "ouelele" from 2000. nice to hear it in context and have the rest of this great album.

vanzetti of Edinburgh

bacoso said...

see what you mean about "diamant"-fantastic!!!great share-thanks a lot as always.

Burn said...

I believe the correct spelling would be 'irresistible'

Reza said...

Hey thanks for this ,sorry haven't been visiting for a while
Tremendous posts as usual ..reza (aka soundsational)

vesper said...

one of my vinyl sellers has been telling me for years now that cultier is one of the most-sought after groove makers, especially since he got compiled by france' comet label. any records of him reaches unbelievable levels on ebay!! thank!!!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
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bluenote124 said...

Yes, quirky this one, good though. That track "Diamant" is excellent, good "jazz room"material. Thanks man

footrack : said...

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Marius Cultier is sone of the best musicians in the history, I want to make a time machine to can go to one of his concerts, so I have some song of him such as Laini and Souskai

brothertee said...

fantastic! many thanks

Franco said...

Hey Quims'...Anychance of a Re-Up of this mate ?

Ta !