Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Edgar e Os Tais

Edgar e Os Tais - Cantárida RGE XRLP-5.350 (1970)

Great jazzy vocal bossa led and arranged by Edgar Gianullo and supremely groovy to boot!

Edgar Gianullo (vocal, guitar, bass); Toniquinho (drums); Vicente (bass, piano, organ, percussion); Neneco (vocal, percussion); Nelsinho (vocal, percussion, mouth tuba); Rosely (vocal); Sergio (organ, celeste, bass); Felpudo (trombone, trumpet); Vidal (tenor-sax, flute, piccolo)

1) Estou Dez Anos Atrasado
2) Queen Aparecida
3) Nao Deixo Voce Ir Embora
4) Dela
5) A Primeira Vez
6) Vou Me Pirulitar
7) Prólogo
8) Foi Tao Bacana
9) A Morena Lena
10) Quem Vem La (Vem Balancar)
11) Bambe-Lo
12) Alo-Helo


Quimsy said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Quimsy,

This is *REALLY* RARE. Congratulations.

Edgar Gianullo is more known as a artist and commercial maker than as a musician.

As an actor, he made several appearences on Brazilian TV on the 70s.

Anyway, great album. Thank you very much.

zecalouro said...

BTW.: The second comment is mine. I forgot to login.

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Quimsy and Friends,

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Hope uEnjoy!

Phil Musical said...

Hi Quimsy,

congratulations for this post! Groovy organ sounds and melodies!!
thanks to discover it to me!


Anonymous said...

Too bad, this one seems to have been deleted due to lack of recent downloads. Any possibility of posting it again? Thanks in advance.

And thanks for all the other great albums you are sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Jack said...

"Supremely groovy to boot." I think this is my favorite description of a band I've ever read. I'm definitely going to have to see if I can find a copy of this album. My contractors buddies will probably love this.

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Anonymous said...

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